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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 2

Is there any special terms and conditions?

In case of  discontinuity from the enrolled courses (monthly course) readmission procedure has to be followed .For the deserving students ,fee concession and installment based pay ,will be provided if and only if ,the  decision and recommendation was given by the director and the correspondent of the institution.

Do Shara meets International Standards in art field ?

ShaRa since its birth, brings out the hidden art talent of many children in and around Tuticorin.Moreover there is a frequent visit of students from USA, Canada, Brazil, and Australia as ShaRa enlights students in art field with International syllabus and standards.

How can I become master of art?

ShaRa offers the training programs for growing artist to clear Government Art Teacher Exam, conducted by Government of Tamil Nadu every year. Thus achieving in producing more drawing teachers.

Is there only entertainment / hobby courses?

Apart from the entertainment/hobby courses, Shara educates students in wide range of professional courses and job value based courses which makes many students shine with lifesaving skills.

How can we come to know our children performance?

ShaRa being the first to support with intense care provides a REVIEW SHEET for each student, which in detail gives the performance of each child in terms of grade by the eminent masters of respective field every month.

Do the course/competition certificates remain useful ?

It’s ShaRa ,a government recognized school issuing certificates, which always remain as a valuable as a credit for you or your child’s carrier.

How to enroll for the various courses?

The institution offers the simple procedure with admission fees along with course fee to be paid after opting for the desired courses. (monthly courses).

Is Shara a recognized institution?

Shara the first ever recognized institution by the Government of Tamil Nadu, (Reg No:) since 1999. More than 60 arts covering fine arts and live arts is acknowledged and recognized.

Why choose ShaRa School of Arts?

ShaRa School of Arts offers a great service in the Fine & Perfoming Arts. It strive to offer the best classes. We are constantly investigating new Art technologies too.

We love what we do, some might say a bit too much, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every student we teach on. Put simply, if you want a School which cares about your children choose ShaRa.